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Empowering Seafarers:

Maritime Professionals with Industry-Leading Training and Education.

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ABN Training Institute

ABN Training Institute, where aspiring seafarers and maritime professionals embark on a journey of knowledge and skill development. Our institute serves as the compass guiding individuals towards excellence in the maritime industry. Here, we offer a comprehensive range of courses, from fundamental training to advanced programs, ensuring our students are equipped with the expertise they need to thrive at sea. With a dedicated faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, and a commitment to safety and innovation, our institute is where maritime careers set sail with confidence and competence.

Explore Our Range of Courses

  • GP Rating Course - 6 months

  • Direct Entry Scheme

  • Bsc Nautical Science - 3Years

  • Diploma In Nautical Science (DNS) - 1Year

  • Certificate Course In Maritime Catering (CCMC) - 6Months

  • B.E In Marine Engineering - 4Years

  • Electro Technical Officer (ETO) Course - 4Months

  • Graduate Marine Engineering (GME) - 1Year


Our range of pre-sea training courses that pave the way for an exciting career at sea. Whether it's the action-packed 6-month GP Rating Course or the in-depth 4-year B.E. in Marine Engineering, we've got something for everyone. Our courses cover navigation, engineering, safety, and even culinary arts, getting you ready for a fulfilling adventure in the maritime world.

  • Bachelor's of Hotel Management - 3Years

  • Diploma In Hotel Management - 2Years

  • MBA In Hotel Management & Tourism - 2Years

  • Post Graduation Diploma In Hotel Management - 2Years


Explore a vibrant career in hospitality through our programs. Choose a three-year BHM degree or accelerate with a two-year Diploma or MBA. We blend academics with hands-on experience, shaping versatile professionals for this dynamic industry. Explore the enticing world of hospitality, where service meets opportunity, and start your promising career with us

  • Basic Modular Courses

  • Advanced Modular Courses

  • Refresher + Upgradation Courses

  • Simulator Courses


Our post-sea training programs, a comprehensive suite of essential modules preparing aspiring mariners for diverse maritime careers. From foundational skills to advanced navigation and cargo handling, our courses cover it all. These courses equip individuals with vital skills, from safety protocols and social responsibilities to specialized tanker operations and cutting-edge simulator training.

  • Culinary Arts Crash Course - 90Days

  • Maritime Studies Crash Course - 90 Days


Jumpstart your dream career in just 90 days with our crash courses. Whether you're passionate about cooking or setting sail on the seas, we've got you covered. Our expert instructors will guide you through the essentials, plus you'll learn crucial STCW stuff, polish your English, and even get a taste of the real deal with ship visits.


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