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Geo Manning:

Seamlessly Connecting Ship Owners to the Right Crew, Anytime, Anywhere.

Your Passport to Global Crewing Excellence

Geo Manning in maritime encapsulates a wide range of vital services crucial for seamless vessel operations. This service involves the management of crewing, procurement of necessary parts and equipment, and adept handling of chartering requirements. From fulfilling diverse crew needs to ensuring vessel preparedness and compliance on a global scale, Geo Manning guarantees vessels are fully staffed, equipped, and ready to sail wherever the seas may take them.

  • Requirements For- Rating / Wiper

  • Oiler with COP 111/5 / OS

  • A. B with COP 11/4 / Motor Man / Pumpman

  • Fitter / Requirement For Officers -Master

  • Chief Mate / 3rd Mate / Chief Engineer

  • 2nd 3rd 4th Engineer / Deck & Engine Cadet

Setting the Standard in Crew Sourcing:
What Sets Us Apart

1. Global Mobility :

The ability to deploy crew members to vessels worldwide, ensuring seamless operations across different regions.

3. Experienced Team :

A dedicated team of crewing experts with in-depth knowledge of global maritime employment trends and practices.

2. Crisis Management :

Preparedness to handle crew-related emergencies and crisis situations promptly and efficiently.

4. Seamless Crew Changes :

Our efficient crew change management ensures smooth transitions at various ports, minimising downtime and ensuring your vessels are always adequately staffed.

Why Opt for Geo Manning services?


Satisfaction :

Focusing on crew welfare and job satisfaction leads to increased crew retention and improved performance.


Professional Support and Guidance :

Access to experienced and knowledgeable maritime professionals who provide guidance, mentorship, and advice, fostering personal and professional growth


Customisation and Flexibility :

Clients emotionally appreciate the sense of order and organisation that comes with streamlined and efficiently managed documentation processes, leading to a more structured and efficient workflow.


Improved Risk Management :

Geo-manning enables a proactive approach to risk management by leveraging local expertise to identify and mitigate risks specific to different regions, thus enhancing overall safety and operational reliability.

Our Trusted Allies

Words from Our Clients

"Choosing ABN for Geo Manning has been a game-changer for our fleet.
Their dedication to providing tailored crew solutions has significantly improved our vessel performance and efficiency. They've become a trusted partner in our maritime endeavours."

Akul Roy


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