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Technical Management:

Elevating Ship Performance and Reliability through Expert Oversight For Your Every Voyage

Technical Management for Peak Efficiency

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Our Technical Management service ensures peak efficiency through comprehensive vessel maintenance and compliance. We specialize in marine diesel engine overhauling, hydraulic machinery maintenance, and electrical repairs. Additionally, we offer crew training, manage navigation equipment and offshore supplies, and provide reliable sourcing for both new and old engine spare parts.

  • Marine Diesel Engine Overhauling

  • Hydraulic Machinery Overhauling

  • Electrical Repairing

  • Life Saving Appliances

  • Navigation Equipment

  • Offshore Supplies

  • New and Old Engine Spare

  • Parts & Supplies

Technical Management Excellence:
Backed by Our USPs

1. Seamless Offshore  Supplies :

Reliable sourcing and provisioning of offshore supplies to support vessel operations.

3. Expert Engine Overhauls :

Proficiency in marine diesel engine overhauls, ensuring maximum engine performance and longevity.

2. Parts and Spares Expertise :

Providing a dependable source for both new and old engine spare parts and supplies.

4. Electrical Systems Mastery :

Proficient teams with expertise in diagnosing and repairing electrical systems on vessels.

Why Opt for Documentation Services?


Relief from Technical Complexities :

Relief from the complexities of technical management, knowing that a dedicated team is managing and navigating the intricacies on their behalf.


Reliability and Vessel Safety :

Peace of mind for ship operators and crew regarding the engine's dependability in critical situations.


Seamless Operations :

Reduced operational stress and better focus on core offshore activities.


Time and Cost Savings :

Save time and reduce costs because of streamlined services, efficient repairs, and cost-effective solutions, ultimately optimising operational expense.

Our Valued Partnerships

Words from Our Clients

“Choosing ABN for Technical Management was one of the best decisions we made for our vessels.
Their comprehensive services cover everything, from crew training to equipment maintenance.

Kamal Sharma


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